Since 1986, Joseph Hajjar Est has provided a wide range of quality products for use in all areas of construction & a wide range of innovative speciality construction chemicals and materials that includes: Spacers, PVC water stops, Tie rods, clips, Chamfers, concrete admixtures and fibers, products for architectural concrete, cement additives, masonry products, plaster products, tiling products, air and vapor barriers, roofing polyurethanes, door and deck flashings, structural waterproofing systems, sound and heat protection products.

As a leader in this domain, with a heritage of proven performance and the present geared to state-of-the-art technology, Joseph Hajjar Est products can be found in nearly every major project in Lebanon.


Joseph Hajjar Est not only delivers a level of service over all Lebanese territories within 24 hours of order request but also a support for its clients that is unique.

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